Convention Rules

Age restriction

Due to the adult nature of some of its themes, we have an age restriction, meaning that visitors have to be at least 16 years old to attend YaYCon. Gophers must check your ID upon admittance.


All visitors, dealers and guests are required to wear their wristband in a clear and obvious manner. Do not take off your wristband during the convention. In case of loss, please notify the organization immediately.

Keep clean

Keep your surroundings clean and orderly. Throw trash into the trash bin and don’t block the hallways or the emergency escapes.


Weapons (genuine or replicas) are strictly forbidden on the convention ground. To comply with Dutch law, all cosplay weapons must be clearly recognizable as fake. The organization may confiscate any unacceptable weapons or replica props.

Cosplay props

Cosplay weapons or props may not hinder other visitors and must be handled in a safe manner (do not swing them around or make any other dangerous manoeuvres). Cosplay weapons and other large cosplay attributes are allowed only as attributes during Cosplay contests and events.


Smoking is prohibited at the convention. The organization will be inspecting the convention grounds to prevent fire hazards. It is allowed to smoke outside the building.

Alcohol & drugs

You are not allowed to carry, use or sell alcohol or drugs on and around the convention site.


Any insults/misbehaviours of sexual, racist, religious or political grounds will not be tolerated and could result in (long-term) expulsion from the convention.


Stealing will be reported to the police.


Visitors are to follow the instructions of the organization, staff and gophers at all times. Their word is final.


Please ask others if you may take a picture of them before actually doing so. You’re allowed to take pictures with flash around the convention site, except at the Main Stage.


The Dutch Yaoi and Yuri Convention organization has the right to eject those who do not abide by any of the above rules, as the organization deems necessary.

In other situations the direction decides.