This is the info for 2018. Check back at a later time for more updated information on these events.

Burlesque Workshop

Discover the Diva, Femme Fatale, Bad Girl or Comedy Queen in yourself! At YaYCon Madame Risquée presents a fun filled burlesque workshop for anybody who likes to move like a diva or pin up girl. You’ll learn how to develop your burlesque alter-ego, all via humor and theatrical games. There is no nudity during this workshop. It’s not just about striptease or only a choreography, the teacher uses the burlesque theme for a series of fun practices. It’s about celebrating your inner femininity and having a great time!

Make-up Workshop

Getting stuck on your make-up for cosplay or maybe your daily looks? Visit the make-up workshop by our artist Linah Wijngaarde of Eleguent. She will give an demo and has enough usefull tips and tricks for MtF and FtM transformations and will answer all your questions concerning make-up, products and more. If you love colour you will definitely love this! YaYCon is colorfull, the theme is sports, “Lets get physical” do the math! Colorfull + Sports = 80’s! If you love colour you will definitely like this demo/workshop!

Kumihimo (Japanese braiding) Workshop

The lovely manga kissa crew will host a workshop in Kumihimo, Japanese braiding. Come along to learn the basics and make your very own kumihimo braids!

Dancing Workshop

This dancing workshop will mostly focus on modern dance and jazz exercises on anime and game music. You will also learn a short choreography which will be new to everyone <3

Dynamic Character Drawing Workshop

If you like drawing, chances are you like drawing people best! But there’s only so many three quarter headshots facing left with no background you can make, before something starts to feel…amiss. This workshop aims to give some pointers on how to keep character drawing interesting!

Writing Sprint

Do you love fast paced writing? And are you ready to roll up your sleeves? Roderick Leeuwenhart (Pindakaas en Sushi) and Tamara van Staalduynen (Aniway) will host a fun co-creative writing sprint. Ready, set, go!