Panels & Lectures

This is the info for 2018. Check back at a later time for more updated information on these events.

Q&A with our Guest of Honor: Wendigo

Wendigo talks about his work as a professional yaoi mangaka and working for the US publisher: Yaoi Revolution.

Feeling Nostalgic: A Retro Yaoi and Yuri Panel

Were anime and manga truly better in the 1980s and 1990s? We dive deep into the roots of yaoi and yuri in this fantastic panel. Banana Fish, Rose of Versailles, Prince of Tennis – we want to discuss the classics with you. What was groundbreaking and why? By looking backwards, we may want to also get a feel for the future trends.

Dating and Meta-gaming in Undertale, Doki Doki Literature Club & Dream Daddy

Recent unexpected game hits like Dream Daddy and Undertale have a lot in common. They put a twist to well-known gaming genres, like the dating sim. In this panel we discuss recent game hits, their qualities, and dating their characters. These indie hits playfully address important tropes in gaming, but also subvert them. Join us to talk dating, fourth wall breaks and self-aware characters!

How Anime Tricked Me Into Loving Sports and How Soccer Tricked me into Real Person Slash

This panel consists of two talks. Dr. Jessica Seymour kicks off, and tells you how anime tricked her into loving sports. “I know the rules of volleyball and basketball, I know how a swimming relay medley works, and I am a walking, talking glossary of figure skating jargon. Can I actually play any of these sports? Of course not. But thanks to heart-warming storylines, lovable dork characters, and pretty men who walk around with their shirts off, anime has tricked me into learning the ins and outs of gameplay.” She’ll tell you a little bit about how the stories are set up to give fans information about the sport, how the rules are integrated into character-driven storylines, and why it’s so cool that anime is able to do this. Then we proceed to a talk by Dr. Abby Waysdorf on how sports got her into fandom, and right down the rabbit hole of shipping and slashing. Real people fiction is one of her expertises, especially soccer fandom.

Queer Podcasts: The Adventure Zone

The groundbreaking DnD podcast, The Adventure Zone, includes many queer and non-binary characters. We’d love to discuss this podcast, its storytelling and what makes it so delicious! Fans of Taako, Merle and Magnes, please join!

Let’s Talk about Gender

Gender is a difficult thing. In this gender panel, panelists share their gendered experiences as cis, trans, and agender people. The panelists want to help and inform the audience. This is a panel during which sensitive issues may be brought up. We insist on an open discussion space with the audience. What does gender mean to you? While pop-culture may be brought up, this panel mostly focuses on real-life LGBTQA questions.

Cosplay 101 Lecture

Popular youtube channel ShiroYuki Productions hosts a warm introduction to cosplay as they return to YaYCon. In this lecture they will explain the basics of cosplay to all new cosplayers at the event. Do you already have some experience but want to brush up on your skills? Do come by as well!