This is the competition info for 2018. Check back at a later time for more information and updated or new events as they become available.

Cosplay Competition

Time to get in character and truly embody anime and manga! This year’s cosplay competition is another extravagant event with lots of shows. You can be a part of it too! Want to show your outfit on stage, perform your character or just strut your stuff? Then please join our cosplay competition! We welcome acts, cosplay and run, runway walks, whatever you want to do, we are open to it. This year’s theme is Let’s Get Physical. If you work with this, our judges will be even more impressed. That’s right, get sweaty!

Rules: The act has to be done within 10 minutes. You may perform as an individual or as a group. The outfits are judged based on their quality, but we also assign points to the performance itself. We have different prices and send specific judging criteria after we have received your acts.

Register: The extended deadline for the competition is January 15, 2018. Please send a document with your characters/costumes, your participants, your music and script to with in CC. Include distinct audio cues in your script. If you have specific requirements, please list them.

Dramatic Fan Fiction Readings

What is better than reading fan fiction? Reading it out loud for an audience! Please be courageous and read fan fiction as well as you can! You can read fluff, bad fiction, smutty fiction, cute fiction – anything you want! We would love to hear you perform your own short stories, but of course you can also do a homage to your favorite fan fic!

Do you want to participate? That is awesome! We have a price for the best fan fic and one for the best performance. Please mind that your reading has limit of 10 minutes, since we want to give different participants a shot. You can perform the fan fic by yourself or with a team of readers. If you are going to read someone else’s work, please obtain permission from that fan. Your story can be smutty and niche, but it helps if it is somewhat accessible.

Register: If you’d like to participate, and want to be sure that you have a spot, send an alert to You can also choose to join in on the spot though, if there is time left!

AMVs at YaYCon

At YaYCon we’re big fans of AMVs <3 We'd love to do an AMV compo again, so.... if you're interested, send us your AMV before the 15th of january. Brownie points for fan service and/or tying in with our theme.

Participate: To enlist and to receive the specifications, send an email to