Bring & Buy

Looking to share the joy your manga/anime collection has brought with the rest of us AND make a profit at the same time? You can! Mataki Bring and Buy is back for another round! So if you have something to sell, download the form, fill it in and bring it with your labeled products to the Mataki stand at the dealer room.

The Bring & Buy stand will be once more placed at the entrance of the dealer room (on the first floor) for easy drop off and pick up.

You can download the Bring & Buy form for 2018 here.

General Mataki rules:

-Always follow the houserules of the convention! This is rule number 1. The rules can be found on the website of the convention you are visiting and are printed in the booklet you’ll receive. If they get angry with you, you did something wrong.
​-Products must be turned in by the seller as soon as the dealer room opens; Mataki cannot accept forms that are turned in by other people other than the seller of the products.
-Products must be wrapped in clear foil, Mataki has the right to deny products that are not visible.
-Please inform Mataki of any products that you may sell that are X-rated (18+), any visible genitalia and nipples must be obscured from sight.
-By turning in the form and the products, you agree that 10% of the total price is granted as operating fee for Mataki.
-Both the form and the products must be turned in at the same time.
-We will only accept fully filled out forms, it is important that your name is filled in correctly.
-All products must be labeled; any products missing a label will not be sold.
​-Mataki only accepts second hand products.
-All products have to be Anime, manga or game related to be sold. Mataki has the right to deny products that do not fit in this category.
-In the occasion that Mataki spots a bootleg item, this item will be confiscated and will not be returned.
-(Badly) damaged products will not be sold, Mataki has the right to deny products which have been damaged.
-Games, Anime DVD’s and VHS have to be in working order to be sold.
-The maximum of products to turn in per person has been set to 30 products.
-Products that consist of more than one part, must be sold as one whole (for example, if you have a figurine, do not sell a hand, a head and legs separately but sell it as a whole). Though you might want to seek help if you enjoyed dismembering that figurine. We’re here for you.
-Products purchased from Mataki will not be refunded or switched.
-Mataki bares no responsibility for products that are damaged or lost in any way, off course Mataki will take good care of the turned in products.

For further questions or information on how to spot bootleg, please have a look at the Mataki facebook, website or tumblr (this one is in Dutch).