Guest list for YaYCon 2017 – check back to see new announcements when they are confirmed.

Chloé C.

Chloé has been lovin’ yaoi and yuri for ages, and gaying up all the fanarts and comics she ever drew. Creator of the LGBTQ-oriented webcomic, Go Get a Roomie (and recently a more fantasy-themed comic Headless Bliss), this queer artist is all about love and respect in every-day life. Also, boobs. So come by and say hello!

Anne Delseit

Born 1986 in Cologne, Germany, Anne Delseit has been working as a writer, comic writer, editor and journalist since 2008. In 2011, she finished her law studies at the University of Cologne. Inspired by manga, US-american comics and bande dessinée alike, and fascinated by the art and craft of graphic storytelling, she works with artists from all over the world.

In Germany, she is best known for her two In maiorem dei gloriam novels, her boys‘ love manga trilogy Lilientod (illustrated by Martina Peters), and the two-part vampire romance manga Schattenarie (illustrated by Zofia Garden). The first episodes of her ongoing comic Streets of Europe (illustrated by Dutch artist Marissa Delbressine), have been published in German and Dutch. Her comic reviews have appeared in several magazines, and she has appeared on several comic-related shows as a host and editor. Currently, she is an editor of the German AnimaniA magazine, which also hosts the annual German anime and manga convention AnimagiC.

Margreet de Heer

Margreet de Heer has been on the Dutch comics scene since 1999, when she started self-publishing her autobiographical comics. She drew for several newspapers and magazines, and in 2010 her work was picked up by a publisher. She is best known for her funny yet educational comics about philosophy, religion, science and world domination. At the time of YaYcon her fifth book has just appeared, a whimsical and informational comic about all the ins and outs of Love.

Geekers op je Speakers

Writers Roderick Leeuwenhart (Pindakaas en Sushi) and Gert-Jan van Oosten will be returning to YaYCon together with comic artist Kenny Rubenis (Dating for Geeks)! They will do a live recording of their monthly, Dutch podcast Geekers op je Speakers. After the recording there will be ample time to get your books signed by Kenny and Roderick!

Abe Borst

You can say many things about Abe and his art. But you won’t care about that when you hear that he will bring his BUTTON MACHINE to yaycon. Run to his table for BUTTONS ON REQUEST!!!
This is your chance to eternalize your favourite pet, waifu or your own excrement on a button by a professional artist. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! Abe’s buttons are better than other buttons because you have an option for GLITTERS. There is gold and silver, and it’s your choice which one fits your waifu or excrement better.

Are you stressed out by choices?! Then Abe has many other products for you. There are buttons of Pokémon and moldy cats. Or maybe you would like to read something. Then buy his dairy comic “Squabe, Glamerloze Erkenning”. It’s full of failed dates and imaginary hot Spanish guys. Are the Spanish guys not hot enough? Then buy Abe’s “Hunk-A-Doodle”, they are full of hunks with a lot of junk in the trunk.