Guest list for YaYCon 2018 – check back to see more updates when they become available.

Guest of Honor: Wendigo

Wendigo is a self employed digital artist from Italy with experience as cover artist and costume designer.
He graduated as Graphic Designer in 2006, and after as Movie Critic at Bologna’s University.
He’s working as a comic artist for Yaoi Revolution, and currently drawing ‘Outwards’ third issue.

At YaYCon Wendigo will be present in the dealer room and at a Q&A on the Main Stage.


Chlove is a webcomic artist, mainly known for the totally queer Go Get a Roomie! While the comic is based mostly on ladies lovin’ ladies, there are many other relatable and touching themes weaved into each characters’ paths. Chlove will be attending 2018’s Yaycon to draw magical boobs (???), answer questions, and sell comics and merchandise from her original art.

Publisher: Syndikaat

Syndikaat publishes comic books of promising, stubborn and original talent, mostly from the Netherlands. Our talent is full of quality and that is what Syndikaat stands for. You can see that in our books and with the artists, three of them will attend YaYCon:

Coco Ouwerkerk presents the current teen problems in her album Acception. This comedy / drama is about Arcus who starts in high school where everyone discovers in which clique they belong like: Gothic’s, Geeks, popular, gay / lesbian, transgender, athletes and all variations. Everyone wants to put a label on people, but can you put a label on Arcus?

Abe Borst and Esther van de Bund are two artists with a huge passion for food. This passion is brought together in their Smikkelen & Smullen comic, in which they share their own recipes and kitchen tips packed in tasty drawings and delicious jokes.

And here is a representive(?) picture of Esther.