This is the info from 2017. Check back at a later time for information on the 2018 edition.

Salem Reed

Nielson and his drag-persona Salem share the spotlight in the partly animated documentary Salem Reed.

During the day, Nielson is a quiet student, struggling with depression. A couple nights a month, he transforms into the extravagant, fierce queen Salem Reed. Salem is a no-nonsense queen with a strong will and an insane amount of self-confidence – which is the exact opposite of Nielson himself.

Salem Reed takes a closer look at both Nielson and Salem. Who are these people? Who do they see staring back at them when they look in the mirror? And where is the dividing line between these two completely different personalities?

The duration of the documentary is 30 minutes. You can watch the trailer here and find more information on the complimentary facebook page.

Mystery Anime

Through the outreach program with Crunchyroll we can surprise you with something naughty and nice. Because what can be better than watching anime? Watching anime with friends!