This is the info for 2018. Check back at a later time for more information and updated events as they become available.

Oculus Rift

VR is here to stay! Come and experience why at the Mangakissa, where you can warm up with some very physical VR-exercise! Sign up for a timeslot, so that you don’t have to wait.<3

Genital Jousting competition

This year we host a gaming competition at the Mangakissa that will definitely feel uncomfortable for some: Genital Jousting! Grab a controller and prove that no bum is
sacred in this hilarious party game and you might even go home with a prize! Take a nsfw peak here.

Rainbow Twister

The let’s get physical variant of twister! Sign up with your friends and prepare to place your hands and feet not only on unicorns, nyancats or fluffy bunnies, but also
on your friends themselves. Prove that your team is the most touchy-feely and win prizes!