This is the info from 2017. Check back at a later time for information on the 2018 edition.


Interactive period drama ‘Herald’

Independent game studio Wispfire will be presenting their recent Steam release ‘Herald’, an interactive period drama.

Herald is a story-driven point & click adventure about the sting of prejudice, set during an alternate 19th century. You will be able to play a demo in the Dealer Room. Check out the beautifully 2d+ rendered character portraits.

Yuri visual novel with audience particpation

MangaKissa will host a live let’s play of a yuri visual novel where the audience can participate in making the choices. Curious? It’s promising to be a super fun event! <3

Naughty Weerwolven

Not your typical Weerwolven in Wakkerdam session. Instead of werewolves, there seem to be tentacle monsters a foot. Expect an edgy session hosted by the Manga Kissa crew.