Food & Drinks

While we encourage that you don’t bring your own food and drinks to consume on the convention grounds due to Icoon catering, it remains a suggestion that does of course not apply when outside the mainbuilding or for medical needs.

This is the catering list for 2017

Monokuro Cafe website

Born from the desire to entertain the anime and manga community, a little circle of maids and butlers was formed. ‘Monokuro’ stands for ‘monochrome’, as a reference to the famous maid costumes. Unlike other maid cafes in the country, they are more oriented towards entertainment rather than serving.

Visit the Monokuro Cafe for lunch, a snack and ofcourse the entertainment by the Maids and Butlers!

ICOONDrinks website

It’s important not to forget to drink during the festival. Visit the bar in the Foyer for your drinks. ICOON will serve tea, coffee, softdrinks and more!