This is the info for 2018. Check back at a later time for more information and updated or new events as they become available.

Super Golden Challenge Course

Survive all the mini games and become the ultimate YaYCon master! This event is ongoing, so you can participate at any given time!

Cosplay Dating Show

First dates can be awkward, but not at YaYCon. Our popular and playful dating show is open to all. Flirt in character with your favorite cosplayers, and ask delightfully awkward questions. We have an excellent host as well, who is ready to take you out!

PS: No need to sign up for this one in advance. You can report at the registration desk if you want to join, where we’ll tell you the procedure.


Need a short break from the convention buzz? Visit the MangaKissa for some relaxing time reading manga and hanging out. But there’s more to do at the Kissa – an Oculus Rift will be at your disposal! You can also encounter the drawing book of Awesomeness, join in on a kumihimo (Japanese braiding) workshop and even participate in a ‘hands on’ version of Twister or a nsfw gaming round of Genital Jousting. <3 - the Kissa will be your home away from home at the con!

Soramimi Karaoke

Want to sweat some more? Go wild at Soramimi karaoke! Come by and sing your favorite anime themes. From Samurai Pizza Cats to Free, Soramimi has it all!

Yaoi and yuri pub quiz

Do you think you and your team have what it takes to win this year’s yaoi and yuri pub quiz? Show us you are the biggest fan of them all, and impress us with your otaku knowledge of doujinshi, shipping and the history of yaoi and yuri!

Extreme Bingo

Feeling lucky? Our popular bingo machine is back and ready for action. Bring your change and win fun prizes!

Cheeky Auction

Our annual charity auction is an important recurring event and offers exclusive art, merchandise and even hugs? Or how about a serenade? A candlelit homecooked dinner? You can offer or buy just about anything heartfelt or cheeky! Don’t be shy! This year’s charity is a wonderful organisation which is both sports and lgbt related: the John Blankenstein Foundation. Inspired by the former top referee and gay activist John Blankenstein, the Foundation works on the acceptance of LGBTIQ athletes in organized sports. Read more about their mission statement here.

Drawing book of Awesomeness

The Mangakissa’s legendary giant drawing book that travels to all conventions is also at YaYcon! Grab a pen, sharpy, pencil or any other tool of the trade and immortalize
your drawings in our giant book. Available all day long.