This is the dealerlist for 2017

Check back at a later time to see the dealers for 2018.
For any dealer/artisan related questions please contact us through

Commercial dealers:


These passionate experts bring a diverse blend of Japanese import items varying from merchandise, artbooks, figurines and Japanese snacks.

Blitzy’s Arts & Crafts

Handmade anime, manga en game merchadise.


CosplayClues is a webshop with diverse cosplay materials to create and enhance your own costume. CosplayClues has a variety of Wigs, Lenses, Special Effect Make-up, Worbla and more.


Dice Bite Games will bring a selection of awesome board and card games with an Anime/Manga/Japanese culture theme to Yaycon. Also some fun partygames like the infamous Exploding Kittens will be present!

Little Fantasy Shop

We sell quality cosplay wigs and little loveable things.


A Webshop that sells Anime, Manga, Game & Vocaloid merchandise, which is mainly imported from Japan.

Special Edition

Dutch based web store that specializes in affordable manga and merchandise, they also offer second hand manga.


Special Guest: Chloé C. – ‘Go Get a Roomie’

The creator of the LGBTQ-oriented webcomic ‘Go Get a Roomie’ returns to the Netherlands to promote her webcomic and artwork and yuri in general.

Special guest: Roderick Leeuwenhart

The author of ‘Pindakaas en Sushi’ will be signing his new book next to hosting the live ‘Geekers op je Speakers podcast’ and the writing workshop

Special Guest: Margreet de Heer

Margreet promotes her fifth book which has just appeared, a whimsical and informational comic about all the ins and outs of Love.

Special Guest: Abe Borst – ‘Squabe’

Abe Borst is a Dutch comic artist who keeps a comic diary. His comics are funny, overdramatic and sometimes a bit sensitive.


Coco Ouwerkerk is a Dutch comic and animation freelancer under the name Colourbee, she has lots of fanart like: buttons, posters,charms,original ect for sale but also original comics with even her own yaoi. There will be a special yaoi/yuri commission list for duo: sketches, chibi’s and buttons. And since the 17th of Februari is my birthday you can come by for some butt cake.


We’re a small Artist circle that will be selling their original manga, art cards, hand made straps/jewelry, stickers and we take commissions at the convention itself 😀

Fujoshi Castle

Selling handmade phonecharms, stickers, buttons, prints of pokemon, yuri on ice, undertale, steven’s universe and more!

Kawaii Kei

Visit our stand and draw your own button. We also sell kawaii buttons, mirrors, magnets and jewelry.

The Mermaid

The Mermaid

Brings you self made cosplays (second hand) and self made cosplay props and BJD clothing

Nebula Doujinshi Circle

The circle’s particular aim is towards homo erotica, slice of life stories and fanart.

Niwa’s Art and Games

Bringing you Art, Fanmade merchandise and Commission services! Niwa will happily show off his wares to you!

Pastel Allsorts

At Pastel Allsorts you can find adorable posters, keychains, stickers and more! We create fanart and original work inspired by J-fashion. At the moment we are expanding into homemade accessories as well, so come take a look at our newest items!

Purochen & Puriko

Purochen and Purico are joining forces to peddle their smutty Voltron fanbook this weekend. Be sure to stop by and check out their prints and gifts too!


Tegendraads is a group of Japan-fans who love being crafty. We sell handmade plushies, keychains, accessories, and more cute stuff!


Your source for original cute characters inspired by Asia! We offer little doodles, sketches, fanart, original prints and commissions!


voxune is an illustrator with a focus on cute and uncommon designs. The items sold are self illustrated acrylic accessories and jewelry, but also small merchandise like buttons and stickers. Don’t be shy and come and say hi if you spot her in the dealerroom.

Yuri Rescue Squad

The Yuri Rescue Squad is a small international doujinshi circle that specializes in projects with a yuri/shoujo-ai theme. One of their manga series will be making its first debut at YaYcon!



A super fun three day convention in Veldhoven!


Experts from FakeIsSad will be present at YaY-con to check the available merchandise, answer questions and advise the YaY-con crew on these matters.

FakeIsSad is a european initiative to get rid of unofficial merchandise in convention dealer areas. They work with a team of experts in the field of merchandise, as well as industry professionals and IP-holders to make sure the customers are able to buy official merchandise only and thus support the original artists and studios.

Cosplay Maakie

This is the place where you can ask questions or make reports about bootleg! On the stand itself you can buy non-profit second hand figures and anime merchandise.

Mataki Bring & Buy

Returning once again to YaYCon with their bring & buy stand – want to find a new home for your precious or want to provide a home? This is the place to go!