Love is in the air on February 19th 2017

Love is an adventure. The seventh edition of YaYCon is close to ValentineĀ“s Day, and our theme focuses on romance and passion with a twist. We want to take you on board to explore the wonders of romance. Bring your goggles and join us on our dirigible. Through the lens of Victorian courtship and steampunk, we emphasize that love is adventurous, unique, and always for the brave!

This edition will be nostalgic and romantic. Expect romantic events, love letters, fan fiction readings, contests and cosplay. When in doubt, come in steampunk or Victorian attire, or dress up as your favorite characters. LGBTQA identities are integral to YaYCon, and many events will also look into representation and pop-culture. Queering media is what we do. Be still my shipping heart!

YaYCon is a convention that explores gender and sexuality in Japanese popular culture. At our convention, you will find a wide range of events, many of which are also suitable for mainstream anime and manga fans.

Time & Age Limit

  • The convention opens at 10:00 and closes at 18:00 on sunday February 19th 2017.
  • YaYCon is an open-minded convention that can be attended by anyone who is over 16 years old.