Workshops & Entertainment

Cosplay Dating Show

Singles, beware! The popular cosplay dating show is back. Flirt in character with your favorite cosplayers, and ask delightfully awkward questions. We have an excellent host as well, who is ready to take you out!

Procedure: No need to sign up for this one in advance. You can report at the registration desk if you want to join, where we’ll tell you the procedure. Let our host Ivan entertain you!

Wed and Walk

Marry your OTP for one day at YaYCon! Starting at 13:00 in the Foyer Wed and Walk will host speed wedding ceremonies including props and rings – the rings you can keep. The ceremonies will continue ultimately until 16:00.

Surprise Bingo

The Surprise Bingo will take place at 16:30 at the Pop-up Game Lounge.

Can Town

There’s a ‘Can Town’ at the Bring and Buy, inspired by the webcomic Homestuck, where you can donate cans of food that will be given to charity.

Pop-up Game Lounge

We’re adding some impromtu gaming extra’s to the con. Expect Super Smash Brothers on WiiU, Cello Fortress (11:00 to 13:00) and maybe even some board games <3

Speed fangirling

During the Dramatic Fan Fiction Readings you can also take the mic and pitch your favorite OTP! Come prepared and convince us that your OTP is the best one. This is a moment to acquaint other fans with your fandom. The most convincing pitch will win a price!

Geekers op je Speakers Livecast

Geekers op je Speakers is back at YaYcon to host their infamous live geek podcast (in Dutch)! Join Kenny Rubenis, Roderick Leeuwenhart and Gert-Jan van Oosten in the theater to see them interview famous guests, try to out-wit and out-bluff each other and generally geek the hell out. Includes audience participation!


Need a short break from the convention buzz? Visit the MangaKissa for some relaxing time reading manga and hanging out. But there’s more to do at the Kissa – an Oculus Rift will be at your disposal! You can also encounter the drawing book of Awesomeness, a naughty weerwolven session and a let’s play with audience participation of a yuri visual novel <3 - the Kissa will be your home away from home at the con!

Soramimi Karaoke

With all this love in the air how can you not let it know with songs. Come by and sing your favorite love song and fill the convention with more love. Don’t worry, we also have lot’s of other songs. So come on and join in the fun and do some karaoke.


Our annual auction for charity is an important recurring event and offers exclusive art, merchandise and even hugs? Or how about a serenade? A candlelit homecooked dinner? You can offer or buy just about anything heartfelt or cheeky! Don’t be shy! This year’s charity is Stichting Secret Garden who looks out for LGBT fugitives and minorites in Amsterdam.


Cosplay video lecture

Would you like to give a new twist to your cosplay hobby? Why not start making videos with it? The girls of ShiroYukiProductions will teach you the basics of video making. We will talk about cmv’s, skits and live action, do’s and don’t, tips&tricks and about our experiences. There are lots of possibilities with video making and we’d love to share all of our information with you. You can ask us anything! For beginning video makers and the more experienced ones, stop by our lecture!

Gay’s anatomy drawing workshop

OpenMinded artist Ealynn will be providing a gay’s anatomy drawing workshop with special focus points on making smouldering art and challenging “couple” poses, how to draw kisses and um… specific bodyparts useful for drawing yaoi. Bring your own art or portfolio for advice and request topics to improve on during the workshop. We’ll start out nice and slow and save steamy topics until later, so the squeamish of heart can also participate and escape on my signal <3

Japanese braiding

So, you’ve spend a lot of time listening to lots of great lectures and panels, you need to do something. How about learning how to make traditional Japanese braids? You could even make a bracelet for your special someone!

Writing workshop

To celebrate the release of Pindakaas en Sushi 3, author Roderick Leeuwenhart is coming to YaYcon to give one of his popular writing workshops. Part lecture, part choose-your-own-adventure, part writing exercise! Feel free to take your own stories with you and ask anything you’d like.